Friday, November 11, 2011

Stickiness of the Mind

As Jeanne labors to prepare the pancake mix for tomorrow I take a moment to contemplate the finer points of maintaining a joyous and happy marriage of 22 years. Not that ours is that - at least not for both of us. You see, I am quite content, and happy. I fear that my happiness may not be shared.

Before you hotline us with our priest (we are Episcopalian and therefore cling to that title, priest, almost as hard as we cling to communion wine) I should say that we are not in any trouble - well, we are not both in trouble. Sadly for Jeanne, one of my recreational pass-times is being a bit of a pain. For instance, I discovered that if I posted a comment on her Facebook page it makes her smart-phone ding. If I post two, it dings more. If I post a whole heck of a lot it makes her, umm, testy. I might have posted too much.

So being the perpetual twerp that I am I invited her friends to make her phone ding also. I need to send the wag from the west coast who proclaimed that he would make it his mission to post well into the night (on into the morning here in the land of Oz) a message stating "you complete me." Well, maybe not in the way Tom Cruise did for Renee Zewilliger, but you know...

So then this devolves. I have known for a long time that the lovely Miss Jeanne is susceptible to getting a song stuck in her head. For some cruel reason this amuses me as much as making her phone ding with Facebook posts. So I sing Johnny Appleseed. And post about doing so (ding!).  At which point west-coast wag one ups me with "Put another nickle in..." (click on it if you dare).

So there you have it - I love Jeanne terribly, and the pancakes are ready. I hope tomorrows guests don't mind if they were mixed with love and a bit of tension...

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  1. Haha, great read. Love and a bit of tension, just like mom used to make them. I can applaud your set up for late night dings as well, that's funny. My name is Marc, and aside from being a fellow recreational pain to my better half, I also work for Bescover -- where we love all things B&B! It's truly a privilege being a part of your online community.